About the Scribbler

Baby EyesMusician, songwriter, educator, and scribbler – Paul McNees spends his time spinning vinyl, cassettes, and cd’s, thinking about them and then, when he feels no other course of action plausible, bangs out articles that he thinks are funny and/or thought provoking.  (His wife says they are funny too. She does not agree that they are thought provoking.) However, these articles are also super-serious!  They express disdain regarding the current state of the “Industry”; they express awe and wonder at creativity in general; they make fun of Dave Matthews; but best of all they introduce ridiculously good music to everyone out there in the InterWebs in the hopes that they will buy it, support the arts, and become better human beings because of it. So read, enjoy, laugh, cry, and, for God’s sake, become a better human being.


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